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Most people should and will be appalled to read the revelations in Financing the Flames. It is a jolt! Edwin Black has once again shown that the West, in general, and the United States, in particular, remain as complicit in supporting human-rights violations around the world today as they were during the worst excesses of the totalitarian regimes in the 1920s and '30s whether through the use of its military or its money.
In his powerful book, Financing the Flames, Black exposes how funds dedicated to benefit a victimized people are in fact serving to further victimize their future. Black gives us another compelling chapter about the Middle East and its history—this time about the money that kills peace.
Financing the Flames is simply compelling Edwin Black's latest must read! An expert on the Middle East, who has exposed genocide worldwide, corporate criminality and corruption, governmental misconduct, and oil addiction, to name a few, Edwin Black now focuses his awesome in-depth research powers on the taxpayer monies that actually obstruct peace in Israel and facilitate the culture of violence and terrorism.
Financing The Flames exposes the greatest threat to Israel's existence since its 1948 War of Independence. But this time the threat may succeed because it emanates from enemies within Israel and the Jewish world. These enemies are borne from the almost innate, often misplaced, Jewish sense of responsibility for others; misplaced, since the frequent goal of the others is to destroy Judaism itself. This book is both shocking and meticulous but then that's nothing new for an Edwin Black book--as all of his works studiously reveal factual specifics and heretofore unknown information that shock and disrupt historical convention. What is different about this undertaking as compared to his previous blockbuster treatises is that it deals with contemporary events--events that are literally ripped from today's headlines, and will affect what happens around the world right now and the coming days.
This book could not have been written by any journalist other than Edwin Black -- and even Black could not have written it ten years ago. Ten years ago, this attempt would likely have seen him end up as just another casualty in the treacherously dangerous politics of the Middle East. However, Black's well-earned reputation as a tenacious and hard hitting, but fair and accurate investigative author gave him the unique ability to obtain unprecedented access and cooperation from normally suspicious participants involved in a deadly political war.
Edwin Black takes us behind the scenes at the New Israel Fund, where an ostensibly progressive and humanitarian mission conceals on-the-ground activities that undermine Israel's very existence. Once again, his rigorous investigation demonstrates that following the money tells us far more about what's really going on than listening to soothing mission statements. As he proved in his series Funding Hate, which brought the mighty Ford Foundation to its knees, he's one of the few journalists able and willing to hold the world's largest foundations and nonprofits accountable for their carefully concealed activities.
Financing the Flames cements Edwin Black's status as one of the world's top investigative authors and the foremost chronicler of the shockingly nefarious activities of some of the world's largest corporations and so-called humanitarian organizations. With his trademark painstaking research, Black uncovers the money trail that helps fuel the Palestinian terror campaign against Israel and the international campaign to delegitimize and eventually erase the Jewish State. Financing the Flames is essential reading in the struggle to combat the subversive forces seeking to undermine not only Israel but also the West.
Edwin Black is mesmerizing as he follows your money into the heart of the Israeli nightmare.
Financing the Flames reads like a novel. But the meat of this book lies in the twists and turns of accusations leveled by the various parties. Is the Israeli military being hamstrung by impossible humanitarian considerations that are not matched by the rabidly zealous suicide bombers or enemy tacticians who use innocent citizenry to shield their movements? Are Jewish groups from outside Israel funding anti-Israeli agitation and fueling war crime tribunals, while terrorists wage war on Israeli children with impunity, and the soldiers who save the day are threatened with trial and discouraged from shooting? Edwin Black answers both questions: Yes.
Edwin Black, in Financing the Flames, does an extraordinary job of delineating the difference between the need to have dissenting views in a democratic society and when views have the negative consequences of undermining valued institutions in society. Black is able to recognize the many positive things that the New Israel Fund does for Israel while calling into question the impact on the Israeli military of other things they do. His examples of how certain anti-IDF activities are camera driven and how certain protestors may be encouraged by financial incentives are particularly troubling and require further exploration and discussion ... Black has made a significant contribution to the ongoing conversation on the role of NGOs in Israel and with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Black is masterful in his detail, an interviewer of great integrity, and a human rights crusader of the first order. This time Black takes on something that always made you uneasy, but you couldn't put your finger on the problem. "Progressive" Jewish organizations speak soothingly about "human rights," and "social consciousness," while raising money in the United States. But those tax-exempt dollars too often orchestrate hatred of Israel among Arabs, and delegitimize Israel in the international arena. The New Israel Fund, and B'Tselem and others now come under Black's scrutiny. Financing the Flames exposes a disgrace in the Jewish community.
Edwin Black has done it again! Financing the Flames is first class, in-depth investigative reporting of a highly important and controversial issue. This time, Black focuses his formidable research and writing skills on analyzing funding sources of an insidious, systematic campaign to discredit and demoralize Israel and its defense forces, at times under the benign claim of "human rights" advocacy. Black went to the field, conducted numerous interviews and reviewed archival materials to document intricate and sophisticated efforts by various funders whose money is misused to delegitimize Israel. This book will, hopefully, open a much-needed honest and open discussion about discerning rights from wrongs regarding the use of money within a highly charged conflict situation.