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Financing the Flames by Edwin Black - Book Cover
Table of Contents
1The Uninformed Hero
2The New Israel Fund Confronts the Jewish State
3The IDF Confronts the New Israel Fund
4The Money Pool
5B'Tselem, Hebron and Beyond
6Adalah and the Jewish State
7Nabi Saleh and the Choreography of Protest
8Foreign Intervention
9Seats and Peace
10NIF and Lobbying
11Direct Taxpayer Support for Terrorism
On The Book

Edwin Black's latest book, Financing the Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terrorism in Israel, pulls the cover off the robust use of tax-exempt, tax-subsidized, and public monies to foment agitation, systematically destabilize the Israel Defense Forces, and finance terrorists in Israel. In a far-flung investigation in the United States, Israel and the West Bank, human-rights investigative reporter Edwin Black documents that it is actually the highly politicized human rights organizations and NGOs themselves -- all taxpayer supported -- which are financing the flames that make peace in Israel difficult if not impossible.

Black spotlights key charitable organizations such as the Ford Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the New Israel Fund, and many others, as well as American taxpayers as a group. Instead of promoting peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Israelis, a variety of taxpayer-subsidized organizations have funded a culture where peace does not pay, but warfare and confrontation do. Ironically, several Jewish organizations, scooping up millions in tax-subsidized donations, stand at the forefront of the problem. At the same time, the author details at great length the laudable and helpful activities of such groups as the New Israel Fund; he chronicles a heartbreaking conflict between stated intent and true impact on the ground. In addition to documenting questionable 501(c)(3) activity, Black documents the direct relationship between taxpayer assistance to the Palestinian Authority and individuals engaged in terrorism against civilians.

Chief Findings:

  • A broad spectrum of Israeli military men and numerous Knesset members went on record to say the New Israel Fund and its NGO grantees are systematically "destabilizing the Israel Defense Forces." This has resulted in daily harassment and taunting of IDF soldiers in the field, where young Israeli men and women in uniform are pushed to react. If they do, these incidents are commonly videotaped, edited and then used as "evidence" to be distributed for boycott efforts and war crime prosecutions.
  • The New Israel Fund and its grantee, B’Tselem, fund programs that tolerate the systematic exploitation of children and the use of children for the purpose of provoking Israeli security responses. These incidents are then videotaped, edited, and distributed.
  • Massive daily lobbying to achieve, modify, and block Israeli legislation to create an Israel devoid of Jewish identity, and achieve other political goals, including rigorous involvement in candidate selection and election.
  • While claiming to advance democracy in Israel, the New Israel Fund has regularly sought to undermine the democratic process in that nation by convincing Israeli Knesset members not to show up for voting on key issues.
  • In addition to the questionable 501(c)(3) activity, Blac
Chapter 1